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WISE — The remarkable journey of a stray dog in Wise County who survived poisoning and those who helped save her appears headed for television. Baby, a black Labrador-looking adult dog, was the timid star of the show Friday morning at The Inn at Wise. Her story of survival had caught the attention of an Australian family who's been on the road across America for almost two years raising awareness and money for animal rescues. The Amos family plans to include Baby's story as an episode on a program they have in the works with a national cable network about their animal rescue journey through all 50 states. Full Story Click Here

Roy and Baby Reunited

Thought you would like an update on Valerie! She is doing great and had 5 beautiful kittens, just turned 3 weeks old. Vet estimates Valerie to be almost a year old, healthy, no issues with her remaining eye. No further vetting needed for eyes. She is a lovebug.


This morning this little kitty went looking for help. Help it found. A lady called Wise County Humane Society and was rush to the vet. Poor baby is now needing all prayers and donations. The Vet thinks the kitten crawled into a car engine to stay warm and now kitten's mouth was injured badly. Kitten also has an injury on its side. Kitten will need surgery to fix its jaw after it fights off the infection. Please share if you can't donate to this baby and the many others we help save. UPDATE Robin went to vet today and is healing well but it will be some time before she is able to have jaw surgery. Please keep sharing and donating. Donate Please!

Robin the kitten was looking for a warm place...