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    A lovely big fenced in yard is a playtime paradise for your and your a dog but it can turn into a canine version of barking brimstone if another dog walks by outside the fence, or a not-so-friendly neighbor dog appears on the other side. Or maybe a squirrel family is using the fence top as a freeway The good news is there are many things you can do to restore peace to your yard, and to you and your dogs yard playtime.

    What works for many dogs is to practice when the other dogs, squirrels, etc. arent there. Practice calling your dog to you in the yard when its easy. Use high value treats especially at first (for folks who dont like treat training you can fade them out very quickly as I do). Call him to you and surprise him with a treat. Dont call him if you dont think hell come to you, wait until you think hell do it at first. Have the treat sitting on something or hide it. Dont hold it out and show it to him. Otherwise you might have to show him the money every time. Have your body in a natural position so you dont have to have the same body position every time. Call him from different areas in the yard as he improves. Make him think that coming to is way more rewarding than going to the fence

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