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Since our incorporation in December 2016, Wise County Humane Society has helped with over 530 spay/neuter surgeries. Our work is made possible through private donations, grants, and the support of partnering organizations.

Angels of Assisi, a Roanoke-based rescue, periodically sends a van to Wise County to pick up and transport cats and dogs to Roanoke for surgery. We book the cats on this van. To date, 132 Wise County cats have been spayed or neutered by Angels of Assisi.

Wise County Humane Society volunteers regularly transport dogs and cats to and from the Margaret B. Mitchell Spay-Neuter Clinic in Bristol, VA. To make an appointment, call (276) 870-8905 or contact us via Facebook.


We work with local business owners and individuals to find solutions for community cats (unowned cats). Many of the cats we help are abandoned house cats, and we often transport them to rescues outside of Wise County where they are spayed or neutered and placed in indoor-only homes. If cats are feral and we are unable to socialize them, we trap (or provide traps), arrange for the cats to be spayed or neutered, and return them to their original locations (Trap-Neuter-Return, or TNR). We ensure that returned cats have shelter and are fed.

Since our incorporation in December 2016, we have worked with community cat colonies in 18 locations.

Many people contact us for help when stray cats they feed produce kittens. We work to spay the mothers and place the kittens. Since incorporation, we have transported hundreds of cats and kittens to rescues in other parts of the state. We have also transported 21 dogs and puppies to rescues.

We are currently partnering with Sue Bell, Executive Director of the DC-area-based Homeward Trails and Dr. Michelle Meister (veterinarian with Southwest Virginia Veterinary Services in Lebanon who is also the veterinarian for the Russell County Animal Shelter) to supply kittens for “Kitten Lounge,” a new kitten café affiliated with the DC cat café “Crumbs and Whiskers.” We have recently supplied 38 kittens for the café, and we anticipate supplying kittens on a regular basis.


When we include work done by members of our organization in years prior to Wise County Humane Society’s incorporation, we have helped over 600 community cats in the following locations: Big Stone Gap: 165 cats; Wise: 162 cats; Norton: 115 cats; Coeburn: 71 cats; Pound: 40 cats: Appalachia: 13 cats; St. Paul: 2 cats; Lee County: 10 cats; Harrogate, TN: 7 cats; Castlewood: 6 cats; Tazewell: 6 cats; Abingdon: 1 cat; Lebanon: 1 cat; Kentucky: 1 cat; and 1 kitten rescued along Interstate 81 near Marion.


Coalfield Progress article on the mobile veterinary clinic in Pound: