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Foster An Animal

Foster Parenting

Animal Shelter is a foster based animal rescue and is always in need of foster homes. We can only take in animals if we have suitable foster homes available. Fostering is a life-saving experience for animals and an enriching experience for families. The love and stability of a temporary home makes a huge difference to these animals.


Adoptable pets are paired with foster families and stay with them while awaiting their forever home. The length of time varies from a few weeks to a few months, end of life foster care is available as well. Animal Shelter retains ownership of the animal and is responsible for its medical care.

If you would like to become a foster parent, you can fill out the Foster Home Application below and a representative will get back to you soon.


Lots of love and structure for the animal
(some animals have not had a very good start and need us to teach them to trust again).
Transportation to adoption events
(the more exposure your foster animal gets, the more likely it will be adopted and you can save another life).
Food appropriate for the animal
(when we receive food donations, we make this food available to the foster homes free of charge).